Did you know there are God-made fountains as well as those made by man? A God-made fountain is the source from which something proceeds; it is the beginning, the start, the generator of the flow and the power behind. The Bible uses the word “fountain” to describe the Lord. He is the fountain of life and the light for our understanding. Scripture tells us that the words of the wise (people who agree with God’s Word in their thinking, speaking and living) are fountains of life, light and encouragement to others.

I pray that God uses me to share what I have learned from His Word, from living my life, and from observing His amazing creation. Whether plants, trees, insects, animals, birds or children, God has used them all to make His point. I look forward to sharing some of my most beloved creature stories in future blogs.

Keep your vision clear and your mind open. God has creative ways of getting our attention!