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Age 4

Louie had been on meds for bronchitis and an ear infection, but his cough still lingered. After one of Louie’s coughing spells, Dad asked, “You alright?”

“Uh-huh, Jesus made me healed.”

“Great faith, Son,” Dad replied.

Louie agreed and—possibly because he already was learning to value a heart of faith—he hugged his chest and announced, “I love my heart.”

Age 5

Riding in the car one night with his great-grandparents, Louie wanted his “Mucker” to read him a story. But it was too dark to read so she decided to tell him one she knew from memory, The Three Bears. Attempting to make the story as riveting as possible, Mucker was using a different voice for each character.

She did too good of a job with the deep, booming voice of Papa Bear because Louie snuggled in closer to her and urgently interrupted, “There ain’t no bears in my house, and there ain’t no bears in my bed either!” And then, as if to remind them all (himself included) of the Great Protector, Louie emphasized, “Jesus is in my house!”