I’m directionally challenged. Everyone that’s ever ridden with me in my car knows it. Many times “before GPS” and a few times since (because even my GPS has been known to lead me astray), my grandson Louie has asked, “Neena, are we lost again?” If Louie doesn’t know where we are and can’t determine for himself if we are in the general vicinity of where we want to be, all he has to do is listen for my “Hmmm, let’s see . . .” and look over to see my eyes glancing to and fro in an effort to determine where we are and how to get out of there.

I get turned around and always seem to be heading in the wrong direction. I told my husband if I could just be in a helicopter hovering over an area, I could SEE where I was in relationship to where I wanted to be. “You can’t see it in your mind like that?” Bill asked innocently. (Puh-leeze . . .)

Enter THE PLAN. I remember the day it hit me—it was all so simple: I would just turn left when I thought I should turn right and turn right when I thought I should turn left. (Don’t tell me east or west unless I have a map in my hands.) But even my brilliant plan was not fool-proof because when it came time to implement it, I usually thought I should ignore my own rule because—as I would say confidently to myself—“THIS time I KNOW I’m supposed to go this way.” Then I’d end up eating my words all the way back to where I started so I could make the choice I should have made and, in fact, WOULD have made if I had followed my own plan!

So having a pre-determined plan didn’t help me nearly as much as I had thought it would since I wasn’t consistent about following it. Who knew my thoughts and feelings were THAT powerful? They made me believe it was OK to go with my gut this time because this time I knew exactly what to do!

I came to realize that God was using my spatial challenges to teach me valuable lessons, ones that guide me to this day. I learned that my natural mind plays tricks on me (especially in this area—just ask my high school geometry teacher) and has the ability to make something wrong seem very right. And I learned that it’s wise to trust what God says instead of what my mind tells me or my emotions make me feel. I do love it when my mind and emotions match up to what God says, but I’m not depressed or anxious or afraid when they don’t. I can trust what God says about me and about life in general, and I can trust His leading in every situation. God never deceives or confuses. He doesn’t play tricks on me or lead me down wrong paths. And where He says a road will take me, it always does. He’s my LIFE GPS, and He never makes mistakes like the Garmin in my car.

Two-year-old Arianna knows nothing about her grandma’s years of directional challenges, but she likes to grab my hand and say, “Follow me, Nanny.” I love to hear this because it’s Arianna’s way of saying she wants me to experience life with her.

This is what God does. He takes us by the hand when we are willing. He has a plan for us to experience life with Him, and His plan is so much better than the one I had because His thoughts and ways are forever true and accurate. He doesn’t second-guess Himself, and He has no spatial challenges. God says what He means and means what He says. Our part in God’s plan is to be willing to seek Him and trust and obey His Word. With human minds being as deceptive as they sometimes are (even without spatial difficulties), wise people are willing.